Adage #10 – A Coach Without Players Forfeits a Lot of Games


It’s obvious that you need talent around you to be successful.  What I mean with this adage is you’d be amazed at the amount of mavericks out there thinking no one can touch them and they will do it all their way.  They wear their ego like neon shirts and treat people like they are making an example for others to fear.  You may think this has nothing to do with China manufacturing – but beware.  Nothing ruins a good product or brand more than an rogue rude individual.

You need to acquire and retain talent.  By retaining, this means not “always” winning.  I’ve always said I want to win wars not battles.  Sometimes mistakes are made, by both sides.  But understanding, sharing in the cure versus blaming the fault, creates stronger trusted relationships both ways.  Nobody wants to work with people that make them miserable, feel bad, live in fear and treated unfairly.  Sometimes taking 1 step backwards gives you 3 huge steps forward.  Don’t forget China is the land of Karma.

Treat your resources fairly, truthfully and share the praise.  Give them a happy reason to want to work with you and want to build a long lasting relationship.  Money is not always happy.  I promise you in the long run in China – you will prosper if you follow this information.

Real World Example:  Had an associate years ago that had good ideas, but he thought he was so much greater than everyone even though he couldn’t do anything other than come up with ideas.  No experience in China, was going to force his way through – make China work for him his way.  I used to get messages back to me from the China resources telling me what an idiot this guy is and it really soured the relationship.  The only reason the relationship lasted as long as it did was because the products were good.  It didn’t take long for the factories to just give up, cut bait and tell him to leave.  The factories pleaded with me to intervene and help save this but there was no way to do it.  This maverick had it in his mind that everyone is stupid and he’ll just have to go the next factory.  Instead of listening and understanding, the cure for him was another factory.  The other factories went down the same path.  I still to this day get emails about this guy and what he’s doing now and can I help.  My response is the same every time – there’s no cure for ego and ignorance.  Suffice to say you’ve never heard or seen these products for a reason.

Summary:  Go Biblical, treat others as you wish to be treated and you’ll find long term success.  Go cutthroat, gain short term successes, and hope you get lucky.

Posted by Joel Buckley
Specialized in product development, sourcing, marketing and branding


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